Camera Settings

Fuji S2 Pro with Nikon SB-29 flash (McVey):

Flash set to: "TTL"
Exposure Mode set to: "A"
Set f-stop (by turning dial in front of shutter button) to: f/22
ISO = 100
WB = "sun" icon; AF = [   ]; Quality = F; Resolution = 4256 or 3024
Color = ORG; Tone = STD; S = STD; Lock = OFF
Exposure compensation=+0.5
Similar camera body: Nikon N80

Canon camera settings (Davidson):

Flash set to "ETTL", +1 1/3
Exposure mode: "M"
Lens: Line up white line on button with "MF" (for manual focus)
Lens: .31
ISO: 200
White Balance: Daylight
Shutter speed: 1/200
  - Full face - f8.0
  - Intraorals - f/32 or f/25
  - To change f-stop, hold AV button and turn black wheel.