Bylaws of the
Inland Empire Perio Study Club

(This version was adopted on September 10, 2010)


Section 1—Name
This group shall be known as the Inland Empire Perio Study Club (hereinafter referred to as the Study Club).

Section 2—Structure
The activities of the Study Club shall be directed and supervised by the officers, as elected by the members of the Study Club at the annual meeting, and by the mentor.


Section 1—Statement of Purpose
The primary purpose of the Study Club shall be the study of Periodontics and Implantology, along with any other subjects coincident with the advancement of better dentistry in general, as may be selected by the members. The Study Club shall also act as an association of mutual friendship, fostering professional and personal support amongst its members.

Section 2—Financial Classification
The Study Club shall be a non-profit organization, in that all monies collected by the Study Club shall be used for the above described purposes.

Section 3—Continuing Education Status
The Study Club shall maintain AGD accreditation status as a Continuing Education provider, and supply members with verification of attendance at the end of the year.


Section 1—Categories of Membership
Membership shall be of five types:  Mentor, Charter, Life, Associate, and Auxiliary.

Section 2—Maximum Number of Members
Membership shall be limited to 20 Charter members.  This number may, from time to time, be increased or decreased by a two-thirds majority vote of active members.

Section 3—Minimum Number of Members
The minimum number of members excluding the mentor is 8 people.

Section 4—Support of Organized Dentistry
Members must be affiliates in good standing in the American Dental Association, and their local component dental society.

Section 5—Liability Insurance
Members must maintain current malpractice liability insurance for the practice of general dentistry.

Section 6—New Members
Individuals being considered for Charter membership will be invited to one two-day Study Club session as a guest of a Charter member, to observe the activities of the Study Club. At the conclusion of that session, the individual may be nominated and voted for membership.

Election for membership will be made by written ballot, and must be accepted by a unanimous vote of the Charter members.

New Associate members will be granted their membership upon becoming an associate, partner, or employee dentist of a Charter member, and do not have to be elected to this category of membership.   Associate members can remain in this category only as an associate of a Charter Member and will retain this membership only as long as they remain an associate, partner, or employee of the Charter Member.   An Associate member who assumes ownership of a Charter member’s practice, and upon resignation or retirement of the Charter member from Charter membership, will assume the full Charter membership position of the retired member. They may otherwise be considered for Charter membership only when a position becomes available.

New members shall immediately pay their annual dues, prorated for sessions already past.

Section 7—Loss of Membership
The following conditions may result in loss of Study Club membership:

  1. Personal resignation in writing (with full dues paid);
  2. By two-thirds vote of membership (reasons may be:  inappropriate conduct, malpractice, failure to actively contribute to Study Club, failure to follow OSHA standards, loss of dental license, two unexcused absences in one year, etc.);
  3. Failure to pay dues by specified deadlines.

Section 8—Mentor Status
A mentor will have continuous membership in the Study Club from year to year.  A new mentor may be elected or removed by a three-fourths vote of the Charter membership, to be held by written ballot


Section 1—Officer Classifications
The officers of the Study Club shall be:

Section 2—Term of Office
The term of office for officers shall be 3 years.

Section 3—Election of Officers
Election of officers shall be conducted by simple majority vote at the final meeting of the year. The newly elected officers shall assume their offices immediately following their election.

Section 4—Removal of Officers
An officer may be removed from office prior to the expiration of their full term by a two-thirds majority vote of the Charter membership.

Section 5—Filling Vacancies
Any vacancy of office before the full term has expired will be filled by a special election to be held at the next meeting or by email if it occurs between meetings.

Section 6—Licensed Dentist
The officers of the Study Club must be currently licensed to practice dentistry.


Section 1—President

Section 2—Secretary/Treasurer


Section 1—Definition
The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the mentor.

Section 2—Duties
Duties of the Executive Committee shall be:


Section 1—Determination of Dues Amount
Dues shall be determined annually by two-thirds vote of Charter members.

Section 2—Dues Payment Deadlines
Dues shall be payable prior to commencement of the annual Study Club activities. Dues shall be payable as follows:

Section 3—Special Assessments Section 4—Use of Dues
All monies collected by Study Club shall be used to fund current and future operations of the Study Club.  Disbursements include, but are not limited to:

Section 5--Disbandment
Should the Study Club disband for any reason, the balance of the assets after payment of debts shall be distributed equally among the current Charter members.


Section 1--Quorum
A quorum shall constitute a minimum of 50% of the Charter membership in attendance at a scheduled meeting.

Section 2—Meeting Schedule
The Study Club shall meet for five two-day sessions a year, beginning in the fall and ending in the spring.

Section 3—Meeting Activities
Each two-day meeting may consist of clinical procedures by members on patients, demonstration procedures on patients by the mentor, case discussions with patients, case discussions with records, models, x-rays; treatment planning sessions, literature reviews, and any other matters determined by the mentor.

Section 4—Final Annual Meeting
At the final meeting of the year, dates will be decided upon for the upcoming year, and election of new officers will be held if needed.

Section 5—Extra Meetings and Events
Extra meetings and special events may be planned from time to time.  Funding for these events will come out of Study Club funds, special assessment, or both, as decided by a majority vote of all members.


Section 1—Mentor Honorarium
Honorarium for the Mentor shall be determined annually by majority vote of the Charter members.

Section 2—Reimbursable Mentor Expenses
Mentor shall be reimbursed from Study Club funds for:

Section 3—Mentor Obligations
Mentor shall:


Members shall:


Section 1—Amendments
Amendments of these bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the Study Club by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, the proposed amendment having been submitted at the previous meeting, and sent to all members by letter or email. Without such notice, the bylaws may be amended by unanimous vote.

Section 2—Rules of Order
The questions of order not provided in these bylaws shall be decided by Roberts’ Revised Rules of Order.


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