Clinical Photo Sequence

Day of surgery:

  1. Pre-surgery, if not taken previously
    • Occlusal, buccal, lingual views
    • Photo of models, stents, wax-ups, etc.
  2. Incision design/outline
  3. Reflected flap
    • Wash and clean area
  4. Surgical site before osseous work
  5. Donor site
    • Pre-incision
    • Incision design
    • After donor harvested
  6. Surgical site after osseous work
  7. Implant site with drill or guide pin in place
  8. Graft placed/Implant placed
  9. Graft covered/Implant covered
  10. Sutures in place
  11. Materials placed - photo of containers showing brand name, lot numbers, sizes, etc


Tips for good intraoral photos:

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